• 248 Argyle St S — Phone (289) 757-2287

Located in Caledonia, Ontario
Conveniently reach family doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, minutes from downtown.
X-Ray and Ultrasound On-site
Requisitions from doctors for x-rays and ultrasounds can be filled within in our building.
Monday to Saturday Service
Appointments made based on your schedule. We are open for appointments from Monday to Saturday.
Patient Empowerment
At Haldimand Medical Clinic, we take a holistic approach to your health, which means we look beyond your symptoms when appropriate.
Electronic Medical Records
Your chart and medical records are kept on computers, so your information is kept up-to-date and shared appropriately.
Secure Online Messaging
We use a service called Wellx to send office notifications and non-urgent medical results to you at home on your computer.