Home to all of your healthcare needs

Haldimand Medical Clinic is not only a family practice in Caledonia. For the convenience of our patients we offer a number of additional healthcare services inside our building.


On-site x-rays and ultrasound

Conveniently located in the same building on the same floor as our clinic is Caledonia X-Ray and Ultrasound. If a member of our team requests one of these diagnostic imaging tests for you, the technologists next door may be able to see you the very same day. In addition to x-ray and ultrasound, the centre can perform bone mineral densitometry (BMD).

Access imaging results

On-site ECG, spirometry

We're trained in performing 12-lead ECG (electrocardiogram) to assist in diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias and other conditions. Spirometry is another tool, common to doctors' offices, which measures how much air you can inhale and is used for assessing your lung health.


Saturday clinic

We're excited to have Ramcare virtual medicine clinics, making care available on Saturdays. If you need an appointment after the work week, we'll do out best to accommodate you in the clinic on Saturdays.


Dr. Ewa Pasyk is an accomplished internal medicine specialist who is available on-site to our patients. Dr. Pasyk worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate at the Hospital for Sick Children and the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto.